Is the Golden Gate story about the first telephone really true?

Everyone's spreading this story but... is anyone fact-checking it?

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Yes, the story about the first telephone in Las Vegas being installed at the Hotel Nevada (now the Golden Gate) in 1907 is true. Here's a breakdown of the details:

Type of telephone: It was a wall-mounted, hand-cranked 1907 Kellogg model. These early telephones required the user to crank a handle to generate electricity before making a call.
Who owned it: The phone was installed in the office of Charles "Pop" Squires, a prominent figure often referred to as the "Father of Las Vegas." He played a key role in establishing various businesses in the city, including the power and telephone company.
Phone number: The claim that the number was "1" is also true. As the first phone in the area, it didn't need a complex numbering system at the time.
Here are some additional points to consider:

A plaque commemorates this historical event outside the Golden Gate Casino.
While the Hotel Nevada was renamed the Golden Gate in 1931, the phone itself is not on display at the casino.
Therefore, the story about the first Las Vegas telephone at the Hotel Nevada is accurate and reflects a significant moment in the city's development.