"Man Down" on Spring Mountain Road!

Sometime back in the nineties or so, I can hardly recall, I was in Vegas with my friends Ray and Bill (or was it Ray and Keith?) and someone told us we should go check out Industrial Boulevard. I guess we might have been looking for trouble - or perhaps just a way to burn some low-budget hours in this town, if there is such a thing. Anyway, sure enough, there they were - a whole strip of seedy-looking dive-bar strip joints. We walked near the front door of one of them but somehow couldn't bring ourselves to committing.

Original Shrimp Cocktail at Golden Gate Casino

After literally years and years of scouring for the truth behind the famous Las Vegas Shrimp Cocktail, finally we have gotten the truth about this glimmering vestige of the old glory days of Vegas...

In the back of the casino at the Golden Gate (located at One Fremont Street) you will find Du-Par's restaurant and bakery, open 24 hours a day. Here is where the original Las Vegas shrimp cocktail first arrived in 1959, and has been here ever since.