Is Vegas 'Missing the Point?"

Probably not, but was walking in-and-out of these classic joints the attraction in itself? When they are all gone, and glistening towers prevail, will it be a decade-long fad and then just "tourism" instead of the grit of Old Las Vegas?

I doubt they will suffer, but what happens when NOTHING is old, NOTHING is classic... Did they leave their main value proposition "in the dust" or will the new prevail over the story of Old Las Vegas?

Main Street Station

Main Street Station offers a self-guided tour which includes a portion of the Berlin Wall, stained glass from the Lillian Russell Mansion, doors and facade from the Kuwait Royal Bank, doors from the George Pullman Mansion, Louisa May Alcott pullman car, chandeliers from the Coca-Cola building and Figaro Opera House, and various statues.[2][3] The portion of the Berlin Wall is located in the men's restroom and has urinals affixed to it.[3][4]

A Sad Day for Wayne Newton Fans - Shenandoah goes up for sale

Wayne Newton - "Mr. Las Vegas" - is losing his forty-acre home. Probably.

The famed singer's "Casa de Shenandoah" ranch had "For Sale" signs put up last Friday, all but sealing the fate of the singer's home. Reports are that the auction hammer will swing on May 31st, 2013.

Wayne Newton had repeatedly sought permission to convert the estate into a theme park celebrating his life and career, but those hopes are no longer an option - at least with Mr. Newton at the helm.

Is Golden Gate Casino's Original Shrimp Cocktail Gone?

It may not be "gone" but it's getting shuffled further-and-further into a corner. The deli is GONE. The shrimp cocktail has had a few changes to stay profitable (or at least not be a loss) but now combined with it being "just a menu item" in Du-Par's it really has become virtually irrelevant. I have to think about this for a while before I comment any further on the *last* remaining vestige of Old Vegas being swallowed by history. Hmm...