Stratosphere Swinging Chairs Ride

This is absolutely outrageous - and INSANE! And what Vegas was MADE for - what it's ALL ABOUT!!!

Check this out, I can hardly believe it... Reprinted without permisson fromā€¦

Stratosphere Swinging

When you get on this ride, it looks innocent enough, you walk out onto the deck and get into a chair with your partner and the chair is ON THE BUILDING. But soon you are strapped into the chair and it lifts up off the floor and then all of a sudden you notice that the guard rail seperating you from the edge of the 100 story building has fallen over....then you also notice that the chair you are sitting in is beginning to move TOWARD that edge....and then goes OVER THE EDGE and you are sitting in a chair suspended 100 stories above Las Vegas, but the FUN (??) does not stop there. After you have been swung out over the abyss and even before you can jump back to safety they begin to rotate the chairs, and as the speed picks up the centrifugal force begins to make your chair swing back up and out which in effect leaves you looking straight DOWN !!!!

Have fun...

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